As a global leader in tissue engineering, Biosolution Co.,
Ltd. specializes in the R&D of cell therapy products and human tissue models.

We have received product approval for the autologous keratinocyte therapy product KeraHeal in 2006, and the allogeneic keratinocyte therapy product KeraHeal-Allo in 2015. We are preparing for the product approval for the autologous chondrocyte therapy product CartiLife.

The human tissue models developed using our tissue engineering technology and our technology to separate and culture various cells from human tissue are used as alternatives to animal testing for toxicity and efficacy evaluation on cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

We have developed toxicity/efficacy evaluation tests using our human tissue models to register our human tissue models as OECD standard models. We are performing qualification tests that are led by the NIFDS.

Along with our human tissue models, contracted research services using our human tissue models are provided by us as well. We will make sure to provide accurate and reliable solutions in in vitro non-clinical trials on cosmetics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals etc.


  1. 2018
    • MCTT HCE™ Eye Irritation Test added to OECD WNT
  2. 2017
    • Registered the trademark for "Solu" and "SoluEye" in Korea and China
    • Changed the name for human tissue models
  3. 2016
    • Signed equity participation and joint-research contract with LG Life Sciences
    • KeraHeal-Allo to be reimbursed by Korean Health Insurance
    • Received the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification (Development and Manufacturing of Cell Therapy Products)
    • Mundipharma Korea to be the distributor of KeraHeal-Allo
    • Changed the company name to Biosolution Co., Ltd.
  4. 2015
    • Received product approval for the allogeneic keratinocyte therapy product KeraHeal-Allo
    • Selected for a Health Technology Development Project
    • (Development of a small bead-type bio artificial cartilage CartiLife which uses
    • scaffold-free tissue engineering technology)
    • Selected for a Health Technology Planning & Evaluation R&D Project
    • (Development of Lipocartigen, a gene transfused cell therapy product)
  5. 2014
    • Transferred and expanded the GMP Facility (Seoul TechnoPark)
    • Selected for the Global Cosmetic R&D Project by the Ministry of Health
    • (Development of a test for efficacy of cosmetics using a Korean artificial skin model)
  6. 2013
    • Selected for a project by the KFDA (Research on the qualification of alternatives to
    • skin irritation tests and alternatives to
    • corneal mucosa and oral mucosa irritation tests)
    • Received approval for Phase 2 clinical trials on CartiLife
    • Received approval for Phase 3 clinical trials on KeraHeal-Allo
  7. 2012
    • Changed company name to MCTTBio Co., Ltd.
    • Received approval for phase 1 clinical trials on CartiLife
  8. 2011
    • Received approval for phase 1/2 clinical trials on KeraHeal-Allo
  9. 2010
    • Launched STEMSOO, raw materials for cosmetics with stem cell culture media
    • Began multi-institutional test method qualification for KeraSkin
  10. 2009
    • Launched human oral mucosa model / tracheal mucosa model
    • KeraHeal to be reimbursed by workers’ insurance
  11. 2008
    • Launched the human tissue model MCTT HCE
    • Ranked 6th among Deloitte 500 fast growing enterprises in 2008
    • (Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific)
  12. 2006
    • Received product approval for KeraHeal, the autologous keratinocyte therapy product
  13. 2002
    • Launched the human tissue model KeraSkin
  14. 2000
    • Founded the company and received certification for our R&D Institute