• Cell and Tissue culture

    • Biosolution reconstructs a variety of human tissue models including the skin, cornea, mucosa, cartilage, liver, islet etc. through tissue engineering technology.
    • Human Tissue Models are laboratory grade human organs constructed at the μm level for toxicity and efficacy testing on the human body.
    • Animal testing can be substituted through the supply of these human tissue models with consistent quality, convenience, and their similarity to the human body.
    • The skin model and corneal model are being prepared for submission as OECD toxicity evaluation guidelines.
  • Up-to-date in vitro

    • Biosolutionhas developed in vitro test methods and performs validation research using cells and human tissue models; the results are presented in internationally certified journals.
    • Biosolution performs custom testing services requested by the customer on drugs, medical devices, foods and cosmetics using the newest safety/efficacy testing methods.
    • Biosolution provides a precise and robust test method for an accurate prediction of the human body response.