CRO service

Alternative Testing Services

Biosolution Co., Ltd. provides testing services as alternatives to animal testing on drugs, cosmetics, household items, and their raw materals using our experience in skin research and tissue culturing technology.

The following are the advantages of Alternative Testing Services

  • Quick, Inexpensive
    Evaluation on Active
  • Produce substantial
    data on the target
    with its basis on cell- based mechanisms
  • Grant differentiated added value for marketing
  • Final evaluation using human tissue models before entering clinical trials

Altemative Testing Services are custom-fit services that use latest toxicity/efficacy evaluation technology tailored for the customer. We act as an agency that runs safety and efficacy evaluations for the customer on research regarding molecular biology, histopathology, cells, and human tissue.

    • Skin Corrosion Test (OECD TG 431)
    • Genotoxicity
    • Skin Irritation Test (OECD TG 439)
    • Hepatotoxicity Test
    • Ocular Mucosa Irritation Test (OECD TG 492)
    • Drug Metabolism Test
    • Oral Mucosa Irritation Test
    • General Toxicity Test
    • Phototoxicity Test
    • Skin Barrier Function Evaluation
    • Moisturizing Evaluation
    • Whitening Effects Evaluation
    • Anti-lnflammation Evaluation
    • Anti-Aging Evaluation
    • (in vitro)
      Percutaneous Absorption Evaluation