In Vitro Toxicity Test

  • Toxicity test

    • Biosolution performs a variety of cell and organ toxicity tests using different cells of human origin and human tissue models.
    • Cytotoxicity
    • Liver Toxicity
    • Skin Corrosion
    • Skin Irritation
    • Skin Sensitivity
    • Phototoxicity
    • Micronucleus Test
    • Eye Irritation
    • Eye Phototoxicity
    • Oral Irritation
    • Neural Toxicity
  • Cell Toxicity Test

    • Biosolution uses primary cultured cells of human origin to evaluate the cell toxicity of a substance
  • Liver Toxicity Test

    • Biosolution evaluates the liver toxicity by treating a liver spheroid with a substance and performing LDH assays, MTT assays etc. to evaluate the toxicity and histopathology
  • Skin irritation test
    using KeraSkin

    • SoluDerm is used to determine whether the skin has been irritated, and the amount of irritation caused by measuring the cell viability and inflammatory mediating factors on the artificial skin after treating it with a solid, liquid, oil, or wax type test material.
  • Phototoxicity test
    using KeraSkin

    • Soluderm is used to determine whether the test material shows phototoxicity by measuring the cell viability of the artificial skin irradiated with and without UV rays after treating it with the test material.
  • Micronucleus test
    using KeraSkin

    • Biosolution determines whether the test material causes genotoxicity by counting micronuclei formation within the cells after treating the artificial skin with the test material or adding the test material to a culture medium.