Reconstructed Human Microtissue Model

  • Human tissue models are a system used to test the toxicity response and drug efficacy on the human body using tissue reconstructed in 3D to possess a structure and function similar to that of the human body.
  • Human tissue models show a similarity to human tissue in terms of histological, morphological and biochemical properties through the reconstruction of human organs down to the μm using 3D tissue culture technology on cells of human origin.
  • Biosolution is working to register its skin and corneal mucosa model as an OECD toxicity test guideline.
    • Epidermis Model
    • Pigmented Epidermis Model
    • Full Thickness Skin Model
    • Corneal Model
    • Oral Mucosa Model
    • Airway Epithelial Model
    • Liver Spheroid
    • Islet Spheroid
    • Neuronal Spheroid