In Vitro Efficacy Test

  • Efficacy test

    • Biosolution performs efficacy tests on cosmetics, drugs, medical devices etc. using various cells of human origin and human tissue models.
    • Skin Hydration
    • Skin Barrier Function
    • Anti-aging
    • Depigmentation
    • Photoprotection
    • Anti-inflammation
    • Wound Healing Efficacy Test
    • Skin Cell Proliferation
      Acceleration Efficacy Test
    • Percutaneous Absorption
  • Skin hydration/
    Barrier function test
    using KeraSkin

    • Biosolution performs moisturizing/skin barrier effect evaluation by measuring the TEWL or by staining for immunohistochemistry for moisturizing factors on the artificial skin.
  • Depigmentation test
    using KeraSkin-M

    • Biosolution evaluates the change in skin color by analyzing images of the degree of melanin granulation and the change in melanocytes through a color-difference meter after treating a whitening substance onto the human pigmented skin model.
  • Skin allergy test
    using immune cells
    and KeraSkin

    • Biosolution predicts the skin sensitization reactions of the human body by analyzing the surface antigens and cytokines of the immunocytes affected by the test material. The test material penetrates the skin and is transferred to the immunocytes in an artificial skin and immunocyte co-culture system.
  • Custom testing services

    • Biosolution provides testing services using custom-made reconstructed human tissue models manufactured through gene manipulation, culture environment adjustment etc.
    • Biosolution performs histopathological and immunohistological staining test services specialized for human tissue models.
    • Biosolution provides cell separation, culture and cell culture of tissue culture services.